Absolute Duo Captures the Essence of Emotion with ‘Love Songs’

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Moscow, Russia – April 20, 2017 – No matter what one’s native tongue, or where in the world they rest their head – there are two things everyone has in common; the ability to love, and the power to be moved by music. Absolute Duo put two and two together when it came time to release their debut, Love Songs.

Noting that the “music was always there” for him, violinist George Baranov has been playing since he was a child. Years later after perfecting his sound he teamed up with Eugene Lukovka, a viola player who matched his prowess in the studio. Each brought their own flare and with George’s compositions, Love Songs was born.

Influenced by what surrounds him, George was able to compose a record that brings an essence of romance to the table. Lighthearted melodies strewn across a cascade of tracks, each one as memorable as the last. Be is “Do You Believe in Love,” “Time to Love” or “A Song About Love,” it’s apparent that Love Songs is for those who appreciate that emotion through and through.

For those interested in adding any or all the songs from Love Songs to their playlist, or interviewing Absolute Duo can get in touch via the information provided below.


Absolute Duo is a pair made up of a violinist and a viola player who have come together to celebrate love on their debut, Love Songs.

Absolute Duo

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